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Seek. Learn. Repeat.

Being human comes with the ability to express and create.

We all have unique ways of expressing our emotions and what we feel about the world- this mystery that unfolds itself day after day, showing a new face every time.

In times when I can't express my emotions and ideas in words, I paint.



I am Sadhana and I've been painting ever since I was ten. Being able to express thoughts and ideas is rather empowering and brings a sense of upliftment within me.


I often wonder what my role is, in such a vast space- much larger than what we perceive. Everything, from intricacies associated with the movement of ants in colonies to the binary star systems out there are so fascinating and I try to thread it into my work.


My passion for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe influences my paintings, and I often integrate scientific concepts into my artwork.


It’s too much of an ask to shy away from this magnificent world, in which we are a small part.


I work with Oil and acrylic mediums. While colours introduce an abundance of ardour to the work, I also love working with monochrome colours because they encourage me to find different ways to make my expression stronger.


I believe that every artwork tells a story. It's the audience's interpretation that adds more life to a painting. A piece of art is much more than streaks of colours or aesthetically put-together patterns. Instead, it offers an opportunity for expression and creativity, allowing the artist to share a part of their experiences with people who are willing to listen, to see.

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