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Black, White and More

"Colour is everything, black and white is more"

Vibrancy is often a very attractive property.

Although striking colours in combinations are eye-catching, to me, what's more attractive than any colourful artwork is one that follows a monochrome palette.

Whenever Black and White are my only options, I try to befriend the countless shades of Grey available between the two extremes. Let me show you one such attempt at using a monochrome palette.


This is Oil pastel and Acrylic on canvas, inspired by TimmyLA.

Roses are beautiful as they are. Nonetheless, the Black, White and the gradient created by the Grey shades seem to provide so much more depth than there already is…

While a million colours can describe reality, I feel that only Black and white can allow interpretation- and it is "interpretation" that feeds life into every artwork.

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