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Friend and I

This one is a really special painting because the story it carries is certainly a memory I would cherish forever!

Pattern 2

It was that time of the year when my soul friend and I decided to pick a painting off Pinterest and replicate it with all the skills we had. Of course, Pinterest has so many options to choose from, but I think the Shades of Blue caught our eyes.

Geometry and Symmetry...

And like every artwork, this painting took longer than it should've. Aligning the geometry and symmetry took 4 hours of video calls, back pain and a whole lot of eraser dust. I guess we eventually got there...


The next chapter was about colours. We initially chose to produce exact copies of the original, however, longer the process of mixing paint took, the more we compromised on the gradient. Yet, the outcome was much more vivid than we expected it to be!

I could get philosophical and relate the crookedness in the lines to "beauty in imperfection" and all that. But really, my hands are not always still- especially when I want to get the details right.

It's amazing when we have someone who can support us, not just through the big ups and downs in life's trend, but even the small flys and falls that enrich life...

- Dedicated to my friend


So, tell me about a friend of yours or an experience you would never forget!

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