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The Preoccupied Mind

Perhaps it is better to live for the now than for the later.

If I were to verbally communicate how heavy my head would feel on busy days, I could use words like frustrated, tired, irritated or even preoccupied. But that's not even close to how I REALLY feel.


This is Acrylic on Canvas and it quite closely resembles what my brain feels like on busy days.

I decided to paint this because I had a massive revelation that morning... Here is a snippet from my Journal for you,


The toothbrush

The toothbrush is something I wake up to every morning. Everyday ends at the toothbrush. Despite brushing being a typical activity, this morning I had forgotten which one of the two brushes standing in the holder was mine. The red or the green?

I stood there thinking about all the different things I do during the day, that have probably vapourised out of my memory just like the colour of my brush.

As silly as this sounds, it is rather intriguing. Realisation dawned upon me when I put some thought into why I was mindlessly brushing every morning and not thoroughly involved in anything I do.

I observed that the kind of thoughts keeping me occupied sucked all the peace out of my day. They were mostly about planning ahead for all my academic and financial goals. Ironically, these thoughts reduced efficiency and only made me nervous. Often I would find myself stressing about not being able to spend much time painting and writing or doing other things that I love.

Maybe it's time to change how I live through my day.

Perhaps it is better to live for the now than for the later.


Is it just me, or does your story sound the same?

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