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"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known"

It's unimaginable how vast this universe is. The thrill and excitement that comes with exploring deep space can't be put into words. It's almost like describing "sweet" taste to someone who has never eaten anything sweet before.

We discover something new about this universe all the time and the search is never-ending. So what are we looking for?

  • How did life begin?

  • What is the universe made of?

  • Why is everything behaving like it is?

  • Are there other universes?

  • How many dimensions?

Typically, one question leads to another and the list continues.

Although I can't comprehend the totality, I love presenting little snippets of such a grand existence. Here's a fiery Blackhole- Star combination using Acrylic on Cardboard.


This painting was inspired by © Brian Christensen/Stocktrek Images

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